Farhad Vilkiji

Farhad Vilkiji (Tehran, 1972)

Farhad Vilkiji is one of our internation theatremakers. “I like to watch. My head is full of images. Every day I reconstruct reality into a storyboard”. I’m a film and theatre production / costume designer and film director and manager of my own Media company. Farhad worked on many Iranian feature films. Some of them have won prizes at the CANNES Film Festival, LOCARNO, BERLIN, and VENICE International Film Festival. In 2009 I moved to the Netherlands and started to study at the Werkelijkheid in Amsterdam. Meanwhile I continued working as a film director and film production designer. Now I’m a member of jury in the fiction section at the Scenecs International Film Festival in The Netherlands and contributing programmer at IDFA. Meer info: www.motionandframe.com.